Why GovTide?

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Why GovTide?

Governments are under increasing pressure from their citizens to do more with less when providing services and support to residents and local businesses. GovTide’s fully-managed online procurement system gives your organization the ability to immediately source the most appropriate, motivated vendors of the simple goods and services you need, based on the requirements (location, diversity objectives, regulation) you set.

GovTide’s system promotes efficiency, transparency, and compliance in procurement, increases savings on goods and services while centralizing buying power, and helps drive and grow local economies by maximizing utilization of local and small businesses. In addition, our market operations team will quickly help your required local Sellers get onboard so that you can maximize the amount of dollars going back into your community. GovTideSM helps you Go Global, but Buy Local.

Go Global, but Buy Local

For every dollar spent on local businesses by local government…the local economy gets $.73 back.

Spend money inside of your city

For every dollar spent by local government on non-local businesses…the local economy gets only $.38 back. Less than 1/2 the original investment.

Spend money outside of your city

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