About GovTide

Learn about the origin of GovTide and how it can help you.

About GovTide

GovTide was developed in 2004 by Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc (AIT, Inc.). AIT Inc. is a privately-held Fayetteville, North Carolina based firm started in 1995. The company specializes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), software development, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and web hosting and is a service-disabled veteran-owned business.

One of the largest web hosting firms in the world, AIT hosts over 200,000 active domain businesses for clients, in over 137 countries around the globe. AIT’s Data Center is located in Fayetteville, NC with remote backup site as well. AIT’s staff includes In-house design and development staff, not outsourced to any other location or company.

GovTide is available as a hosted hybrid cloud platform through AIT’s services.

The Big Picture – The Genesis of GovTide Development

The Facts:

  • The United States GDP in 2011 was approximately $15.9 trillion.
  • The number of governments in the U.S. in 2012 was 89,004 according to U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Federal government spending in the U.S increased from 7% of GDP in 1902 to 35% of GDP in 2010.
  • State and local government spending increased to $3.1 trillion in 2010 or 20% of the U.S. GDP.
  • Local governments derive 75% to 85% of their inflows from the “big three” or sales, property and personal income tax.
  • The federal, state and local governments in the U.S. spend approximately 55% of the GDP.

Bottom Line:

Governments are the biggest customers/consumers in the United States.
Local businesses need access to local, state and federal government contracts.
It is not just a domestic trend but a global trend in the more developed countries.
This includes public-private sector transactions as well as federated transactions.
Big governments indirectly buy from small governments via private sector contracting.
Local business roots must run deep and wide through local, state and federal governments to grow and diversify.

Reality Check:

Local governments must focus on growing, diversifying and innovating their local private sectors to maximize inflows, promote stability, grow their tax base and create a climate that attracts and retains businesses.

In the information age, the ability to instantly mine data, produce analytics, create economic intelligence, and leverage technology to make sound decisions is critical for survival.

The industrial revolution was powered by the steam engine. As we enter what is the next industrial revolution, “information” resource scarcity will create winners and losers in all corners of the nation and globe.

Our role is to see that GovTide meets the changing needs of our entire public-private business ecosystem in the information age. The Information age has arrived. How will you power your local community to compete in a global economy?